HCG Treatment for Weight Loss

During the HCG treatment, the person who follows the diet should adhere to dietary guidelines. During Simeons protocol, there are various dietary guidelines for each phase. For example, during the loading phase, the consumer should eat high-calorie foods.

In the maintenance phase, the menu should not contain more than 500 calories. During the last phase, allows consumers to add calories to your diet slowly and gradually. Depending on dietary guidelines, the recipes also differ at different stages of the diet.

Tips to Find The Best Recipes for HCG Diet

  • There are many diet cookbooks on the market that can help you choose the appropriate menu during the different phases of the diet.
  • You can consult a nutritionist to help you make the dietary plan. Talk about your tastes and options, the professional can suggest the best options.
  • Research on several recipes that are allowed during the HCG phases. You can visit some websites that contain information about the diet plan.
  • You can buy some cookbooks HCG, where you will find numerous recipes for different phases of the diet. You can buy them online. But be sure to place your order on a reliable site.

With correct dosage, low calorie HCG diet program will show effective results. The homeopathic sublingual drops have no side effects. They help you lose extra pounds without breaking into your day. The method of application is also very simple and painless.